ACTIONS:   Accumulation, MEME Gallery, Cambridge MA 2009

Collaborative three week performance installation with Alice Vogler,, Sandrine Schaefer, Philip Fryer, Dirk Adams, and Bradley Benedetti
Cambridge, Ma

“Accumulation”.   Accumulation (phase I) provided an environment to witness the evolution of a space that had been activated by accumulated creative actions. Over the duration of the exhibition the 6 Boston- based artists and curators of MEME  spontaneously created an evolving installation. All evidence from these actions remained in the space and each artist was be challenged with how to interact with another’s remnants. Accumulation challenged ideas about artist collaboration while creating an innovative exhibition of performance art documentation. Accumulation’s opening was held on June 13th from 12-6pm. Because of the nature of this exhibition, a closing, complete with a screening of video documentation of all occurrences in the space was also held on June 26th from 7-10pm.

For three weeks, the 6 curators of MEME created an evolving installation through creative action.  They visited the space at their will to create what you are viewing.  All evidence from these actions had to remain in the space.  Each artist was challenged with how to interact with one another’s relics. Accumulation was a physical dialogue about collaboration, documentation and preciousness of the art object.

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