ACTIONS:  PPP DEATH, Boston Hub Week: Castle Drone Corral. City Hall building, Boston, MA 2017

photos by: Sandrine Scheafer

CASTLEDRONE CORRAL is a sliver of the Boston underground peering out over the HUBweek landscape featuring Vela Oma, Autumn Ahn, Phil Fryer, Jesse Kaminsky, Tom Maio and Tais-Toi (Anthony Palocci Jr. & Isabella Koen) in performance, sound, video and sculpture. In their works, experiences with death and identity, space and base, instant coffee, architecture and play will occupy the corridors of City Hall’s balcony.

CASTLEDRONE, an experimental exhibition program based in Boston, and the participating artists in this project, are but a pinpoint on the map of Boston’s historic and current network of largely underrepresented underground art communities. Many sites of experimental art in Boston exist in flux, on the fringe and at risk. As we settle in above ground, on the outskirts of HUBweek, we will channel the scattered basements, lofts and warehouses that keep the muffled but consistent heartbeat of Boston’s underground pumping.

Video by: DEAD ART STAR, GJYD, xo e. ling, Robin Banks with Pat Flaco and Chase Winn.

Friday, October 13, 6:30-10:00pm: Performances by Tom Maio and Phil Fryer
Saturday, October 14, 6:30-10:00pm: Performances by Autumn Ahn, Vela Oma and Tais-Toi