CURATORIAL:  NEAR DEATH performance art experience, Boston Center for the Arts, Cyclorama ,Boston MA

PLEASE visit the NEAR DEATH website for documentation of this experience.

April 21st, 4pm-12am, Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts
Curated and stirred by Vela Phelan

LIFE is as much part of NEAR DEATH as DEATH itself.

It is with great excitement that we share that NEAR DEATH Performance Art Experience has been rescheduled to take place on April 21, 2013 from 4:00pm-12:00am at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts. Due to the thoughtfulness of the committed BCA staff, this historic location has been donated to NDpae.

Performance art naturally lends itself to topics that challenge notions of the body and time, and featured artists, Jeff Huckleberry, Faith Johnson, VestAndPage, Travis McCoy Fuller, Marilyn Arsem, Jamie McMurry and zeroBARDO artists Yassy Goldie, Peter Dobill and Malcolm Smith have a particular sensitivity to feelings of extreme fear, loss and dissolution, as well as a sense of warmth, security and oneness. "Near Death is a moment of absolute existence," Phelan describes, " where one receives life and death equally and finds themselves out of body and out of the standard structures of time." In NEAR DEATH, artists and audiences are challenged to uncover the small territory that we claim between life and death.

NDPAE artists: 
Jeff Huckleberry
Marilyn Arsem
Jamie McMurry
Travis McCoy Fuller
Faith Johnson

zeroBARDO artists:
Yassy Goldie, Peter Dobill and Malcolm Smith

performed documentation by DEAD ART STAR.

Closing set by BATHAUS, DJ’s Jesse Kaminsky and Isabella Koen travel in between performances

WHEN: 4pm-12:00am, April 21, 2013

WHERE: Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116

Special thanks to: Maggie Cavallo, Fiorrio Viante, Raul Gonzalez, The Present Tense, Alexis Advesian, Boston Center for the Arts, Alice Vogler, Boston and all of the NDpae Kickstarter family!


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