CURATORIAL: Time Body Space Objects 4, Spectacle IslandBoston MA, 2015

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PLEASE visit the TBSO4 website for documentation of this experience.

Time Body Space Objects 4
Curated by Alice Vogler, Vela Phelan

July 11 - August 22, 2015
At Spectacle Island Boston, Ma
12 artists have been invited to participate.
Each artist has chosen one day to occupy Spectacle Island.
Each artist will come over on the first ferry and leave on the last ferry on their chosen day.
Artists can only bring / use what they can carry over on the ferry.
Artists must leave the island empty at the end of their day.
There will be no remnants left behind.
The theme will be commitment.
Participating artists:

July 11- Pate Conaway Chicago, IL *

July 18- Kate Balug Boston, MA

July 25- Dirk Adams Boston, MA

July 25- Daniel S. DeLuca Boston, MA

August 1- Joseph Ravens Chicago, IL

August 1- Marilyn Arsem Boston, MA

August 8- Joanne Rice and Tom Plsek Boston, MA

August 8- Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow Queens, NY

August 8- Dan DeRosato & Kelly Hunter Boston, MA

August 15- Jimmy Canales & Megan Harrison San Antonio TX

August 22- Panoply Lab Brooklyn, NY

August 22- Maria Molteni & Hermione Spriggs

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TBSO4 was funded by the Save the Harbor Save the Bay Better Beaches Program.

About Spectacle Island
Spectacle is on of 34 islands and peninsulas known as the Boston Harbor Islands national park area. For thousands of years, native peoples frequented the islands to hunt, fish, and dig shellfish. Colonists first used Spectacle for wood lots, haying and grazing livestock. From 1717 to 1737, the island was home to a maritime quarantine station that hospitalized mariners, passengers, and Boston citizens during health epidemics. After 1738, when Boston’s new quarantine hospital was built on Rainsford Island, Spectacle began attracting mainlanders as a destination for recreation. In addition, two summer-time inns welcomed guests until the late 1850’s.
Recreational use was cut short in the 1850’s, when Roxbury businessman Nahum Ward bought the island in 1857 and built a horse-rendering factory, thus beginning the islands’ association with recycling. Ward later rented land to various concerns including LaPage Glue. By 1903, a City of Boston contractor set up a garbage processing facility. Over the next 56 years, Spectacle was one of Boston’s dumping grounds. During the hundred-year period, many island workers and their families lived on the island’s undisturbed uplands and enjoyed a country-style life surrounded by the richness of the sea.
Spectacle Island’s rebirth began in 1992 as part of the Central Artery/Tunnel Project; also know as the “Big Dig”. Over the next decade clay and sediment excavated from the project was barged to Spectacle, sealing the landfill and creating the park you see today.

TBSO4 is part of the Isles Arts Initiative:
SEEN/UNSEE Performances and Relics on Spectacle Island
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