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...is two site-specific performance art events happening on Spectacle Island, and Georges Island in the Boston Harbor, curated by Alice Vogler, Dirk Adams, Jan Willett and Vela Oma.


All work will happen OUTSIDE.

OUTSIDE Artists:
Benjamin Bennett
Christian Bujold
Joanne Rice
William Chambers
Ieke Trinks
Sara June, Yuka Takahashi, and Max Lord

GEORGES ISLAND, August 13, 2016

All work will happen INSIDE.

INSIDE Artists:
Jose Santiago Perez
Jeffery Byrd
Diane Dwyer
Gianna Stewart
Whitney Scharer
Caroline Boileau and Stéphane Gilot
Caitlin Foley + Heather Kapplow

These events are made possible in collaboration with National Park Service, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Boston Harbor Now (formerly the Boston Harbor Alliance)


OUTSIDE Benjamin Bennett: TALKING

photos: Nabeela Vega

My work originated in improvised music, and has followed a path of dematerialisation, or doing more with less, and and is always trying to jettison cultural baggage in favor of content that brings awareness more directly to the present experience. My material has moved from non­idiomatic sound into speech and internet media. I have performed throughout North America, Europe, and Japan, in various venues, festivals, and universities. I have given workshops and lectures on improvisation and the physics of sound. My web­stream series "Sitting and Smiling" went viral in 2015 and received mass media coverage, was live­streamed at MOCA Australia, and has received nearly 1.5 million views. I currently reside in Philadelphia, where I continue my performance practice, both on the internet and in person.